since: 3.8

Declaration [src]

gdk_window_set_fullscreen_mode (
  GdkWindow* window,
  GdkFullscreenMode mode

Description [src]

Specifies whether the window should span over all monitors (in a multi-head setup) or only the current monitor when in fullscreen mode.

The mode argument is from the GdkFullscreenMode enumeration. If #GDK_FULLSCREEN_ON_ALL_MONITORS is specified, the fullscreen window will span over all monitors from the GdkScreen.

On X11, searches through the list of monitors from the GdkScreen the ones which delimit the 4 edges of the entire GdkScreen and will ask the window manager to span the window over these monitors.

If the XINERAMA extension is not available or not usable, this function has no effect.

Not all window managers support this, so you can’t rely on the fullscreen window to span over the multiple monitors when #GDK_FULLSCREEN_ON_ALL_MONITORS is specified.

Available since: 3.8



Type: GdkFullscreenMode

Fullscreen mode.