Declaration [src]

gtk_window_begin_move_drag (
  GtkWindow* window,
  gint button,
  gint root_x,
  gint root_y,
  guint32 timestamp

Description [src]

Starts moving a window. This function is used if an application has window movement grips. When GDK can support it, the window movement will be done using the standard mechanism for the [window manager][gtk-X11-arch] or windowing system. Otherwise, GDK will try to emulate window movement, potentially not all that well, depending on the windowing system.


button gint

Mouse button that initiated the drag.

root_x gint

X position where the user clicked to initiate the drag, in root window coordinates.

root_y gint

Y position where the user clicked to initiate the drag.

timestamp guint32

Timestamp from the click event that initiated the drag.