since: 2.18

Declaration [src]

gtk_widget_get_allocation (
  GtkWidget* widget,
  GtkAllocation* allocation

Description [src]

Retrieves the widget’s allocation.

Note, when implementing a GtkContainer: a widget’s allocation will be its “adjusted” allocation, that is, the widget’s parent container typically calls gtk_widget_size_allocate() with an allocation, and that allocation is then adjusted (to handle margin and alignment for example) before assignment to the widget. gtk_widget_get_allocation() returns the adjusted allocation that was actually assigned to the widget. The adjusted allocation is guaranteed to be completely contained within the gtk_widget_size_allocate() allocation, however. So a GtkContainer is guaranteed that its children stay inside the assigned bounds, but not that they have exactly the bounds the container assigned. There is no way to get the original allocation assigned by gtk_widget_size_allocate(), since it isn’t stored; if a container implementation needs that information it will have to track it itself.

Available since: 2.18



Type: GtkAllocation

A pointer to a GtkAllocation to copy to.

The argument will be set by the function.
The returned data is owned by the instance.