deprecated: 3.0 since: 2.20

Declaration [src]

gtk_widget_get_requisition (
  GtkWidget* widget,
  GtkRequisition* requisition

Description [src]

Retrieves the widget’s requisition.

This function should only be used by widget implementations in order to figure whether the widget’s requisition has actually changed after some internal state change (so that they can call gtk_widget_queue_resize() instead of gtk_widget_queue_draw()).

Normally, gtk_widget_size_request() should be used.

Available since: 2.20

Deprecated since: 3.0

The GtkRequisition cache on the widget was removed, If you need to cache sizes across requests and allocations, add an explicit cache to the widget in question instead.



Type: GtkRequisition

A pointer to a GtkRequisition to copy to.

The argument will be set by the function.
The returned data is owned by the instance.